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March Art Challenge (JPEG) by IsabelaPowers March Art Challenge (JPEG) by IsabelaPowers
Finally, something new, huh?

Over at my website and my monthly Ezine I started this new thing where every month I conduct challenges my subscribers and visitors can participate in.  The best submissions are then featured on my blog and on my Ezine.

So, what kind of challenges?

Why I don't start with this month's challenge.  This month, I would like to invite you to art with me and color this fabulous lineart of one of my characters from my novel, The Dragon's Prophecy, Nadyanelle.  For those of you who don't know, Nadyanelle is a mermaid and has the power to wield the element of water.  Pretty cool, huh?

You can download the JPEG version by clicking on the download button to your right.  You can also check out these links:

Printable Version.
My Gallery, for a PNG version.

If you would like to participate in this challenge (woohoo!), all you have to do is download or print the lineart and color it in whatever medium you love best.  Then upload your colored version onto the platform of your choice (DA, Instagram, Facebook, etc) and go to my blog and post the link to your fabulous work in the comment section.  And that's it.

Again, I'll be picking the best pieces and featuring them on my blog and Ezine.

For more info on me, my work, and these fabulous challenges, check out my website,

To subscribe to my monthly Ezine to receive new challenges each month and free chapters of my stories (you read right.  Free chapters), you can do so right here

Thank you for checking out my work.  If you participate in this challenge, I hope you have as much fun as I did making this piece.

I used "Shade" by the fabulous and talented Rebecca Ninig as references for this piece. 

Shade by Ni-nig "Shade" by Ni-nig

The lineart was first sketched then traced on Adobe Illustrator.

Copyright (c) 2017 Isabela Powers
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